what is the most effective tecnique for a hair transplant?

What is the most effective Tecnique for a hair transplant?

At present we know MicroFUE is the most advanced system for the hair transplant. It is the most effective and satisfactory system for the patient. And gives the best results from the other techniques.

26 November, 08:11


What is the most effective system for a hair transplant?


At present we know MicroFUE is the most advanced system for the hair transplant. It is the most effective and satisfactory system for the patient. And gives the best results from the other techniques.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It means harvesting follicular units of hair grafts one by one. For today technology this is the best and avant-garde system available. Micro is when grafts harvested with smallest size punch. Punch is cylindrical device on the edge of micro-motor. It take out the hair follicles. 

When the punch size gets bigger operation is easier for the team. But it will leave bigger scars. Scars are not as big as and linear as the operation FUT(FUSS). They are point like scars. But if bigger size used then you will have too many big point like scars and too many of them will be seen bad. Causing less dense scene of donor area. 

We use 0.7 mm punch and it is the smallest punch in the world. Can it be smaller? No because hair grafts has its own diameters and there is a risk for them to be broken. Thats why using 0.7mm is the tailor made for no scar operation.

In the beginning there was linear, big, irregular scars with FUT(FUSS) technique. Surgeon cuts a linear piece of hair bearing skin. Then cut and collect hairs one by one. First it will leave a big scar. Second because surgeon can not cut off all the skin in donor area hair count is limited with 1000-1500 grafts. That was a good technique before but now not used anymore. Because we have better choice.

Not all FUE are good choice.

As explained above FUE is better than FUT(FUSS) but in itself FUE has differences. It should be done by a professional in order to achieve the unique results. 0.7 mm punch micro-motor gives the best results. So it is important to choose professional and experienced clinics like us to achieve satisfactory results.


MicroFUE and DHI comparison.

MicroFUE is as explained above most effective system for hair transplant. We also have another method called DHI. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation.
In the beginning we apply local anesthesia before the operation. There is one difference from FUE. We do not need to shave the area for implanting area(receiving area). We just shave the donor area. We need to shave all back area for men and we can create a small window for women. So it will be easier for woman to hide operation area after operation.

  First stage of DHI is the same with FUE. We harvest hair follicles one by one with the micro-motor. Then we count them in order to have an idea of number of grafts.

In the second stage there is a difference. We fill the DHI device or needle with a hair graft. Then open the channel and implant the hair graft at the same time. The device is like a kind of push pen. We fill in with the graft, open the hole and then press the end point like a push pen and implant the graft.

There is no third part in DHI because in the second stage we do 2nd and 3rd part together.

It sounds like easier and better technique. But it is argumentative situation. Because the edge of the DHI pen is round we can not get close as much as possible. We use flat edge device for MicroFUE and it is creating denser results.

Most of the clinics offer DHI method for the patients and they say it is the last technology and so on. But it is because DHI takes less time and will be easier for the team. So they can take another patient in the same day. 

But this is not the case in our clinic. MicroFUE is still the best technique for men for the best results. We only offer DHI for woman who wants to hide operation marks. They are right because we can not shave all hairs of a woman. We know hair is an important part of their body. In the same time generally woman have small areas to be covered. We also do not need to shave implanting area so it is called non-shave hair transplant.

After all hair transplants 1-3 days you may have swelling because of anesthesia fluid. And it is not a condition to worry about. It will disappear by itself after 3-5 days. Your head will be with crusts for 10-12 days. Crusts are blood and skin particles surrounding the hair grafts. 

For 10 days you wash the scalp with tapping on it. You do not use no nails or no rubbing. You do not force them to clean. Crusts are normal until 2 weeks. But after that you need to send photos to doctor to check them. He/She will recommend to start washing your hairs with soft massage without nails to clean the crusts. After 2 weeks all crusts should be cleaned. If not they may cause problem for growing your new hairs.

After you make all crusts fall then shedding starts and for 1-2 months your implanted hairs start falling. Your original hairs grows as it is. Original hairs do not fall during this stage.

From the 3rd month you can see some hairs are growing and some of them falling. So some of them are long and some of them are short. This is normal and no need to be worry. 

By the 6th month you can see 50% of results and they continue growing up to 12-18 months. It may take 12-18 months to see full results.