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Micro FUE (follicular unit extraction) method follows the extraction of grafts/ follicular units from the donor area individually by using a tool comes with micromotor. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that helps patients recover quicker and leave them with less scarring. There are various types of techniques to how the hair is transplanted to the recipient site.

Hair transplantation is considered as effective solution for hair loss and it’s gaining more popularity every other day. Over the course of time, just like in any other field, technological developments have been introduced. The use of micro motor tool conducted with Sapphire blades for FUE hair transplant, boosts the success rate of the operations. While micro FUE technique is used for follicle extraction, Sapphire method is preferred when making incisions.

What Is Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

As the name suggests, Sapphire fue tool uses blades made of sapphire, which is a durable, valuable gemstone. The tool comes with sapphire blades instead of regular steel blades to make incisions for hair transplant procedure.

During hair transplant operation, many channels are incised at the recipient zone. Opening the channels following the sapphire method is very effective. As sapphire is more durable than steel, the whole process becomes easier. Therefore, it can be said that material used to make the hair transplant tool has a great importance on the success rate of operations.

Sapphire tool has a V shaped pin, while regular tools have pin that are made of steel. Having a V shaped pin helps the sapphire tool to make more accurate incisions that helps opened channels be smaller. This reduces the probability of damages on neighbor follicles and scarring. Therefore, sapphire fue hair transplant is an ideal method for both men and women suffering from recent hair loss since the hair density is considered to be high.

What are the advantages of Sapphire fue method?

  • Sapphire blades enable channels to be on a smaller scale. Therefore, the scarring after the operation is almost invisible. The tissue damage is minimal so it recovers quicker and the skin remains softer.
  • The quality of the sapphire tools lowers the risk of trauma.
  • The post-operation pain is minimal.
  • Sapphire hair transplant method ensures higher success rate and higher hair volume.
  • Following this method creates more natural hairline.
  • Lower risk of complications

Recovery Process and Results

Just like in any other hair transplant procedures, soreness and swelling may be seen after the operation and that is considered normal. They are temporary and fade within a few days after the procedure. It takes time for new hair to attach, so patients undergo the procedure should expect shedding of transplanted hairs within 3-4 weeks. However, the hair loss won’t be permanent and that won’t affect the results of the transplant procedure. The hair growth is observed within 2 months, yet optimal results can only be seen in 12 months after the surgery.

How to Know If You Are Suitable for The Operation?

You can always seek surgeons who give free consultation and they can make decisions on your candidacy. The general factors in determining candidacy are as follows:

  • If the hair loss is observed in localized area due to trauma (scars and burns), androgenic alopecia, traction alopecia, or alopecia marginalis

  • Fue method follows the extraction hair from donor sites where the hair is dense and transplant them to recipient areas. Therefore, having a dense donor site is a must to undergo this procedure. 
  • If the hair started thinning just recently, patients are advised to undergo this procedure as the hair is still considered dense enough.


Post Operation Suggestions

You can ask your physician/surgeon to prescribe you with pain killers, gentle shampoos, gentle serums and creams that will help with healing process.


What is Sapphire Blades?

Sapphire blades are brand new blades for hair transplant. As we understand from the name they made of sapphire. They have a special curves and perfectly shaped for making insicions for hair follicles. They have also anti-bacterial property so totally safe.

What is Sapphire Hair Transplant?

Surgeon use sapphire blades for opening the channels part of Hair Transplant. This is one of the most important part because surgeon gives direction to hairs. Also surgeon gives density to new hairs. It is important not to harm skin while opening channels in order to achieve a natural and successful results.

Do i need to use something special for sapphire HT before operation?

No. If you are a good candidate for operation, instructions before operation will be given to you by your doctor. They are not different than any other hair transplant operation.

What is the difference between sapphire and metal blades?

When we compare them with metal blades , first of the shape of sapphire blades are giving less harm on tissue and then thats good choice for metal sensitive patients. Recovery period is also short because tissue heals faster than Classic FUE.

What is the candidacy conditions for sapphire hair transplant?

Candidacy conditions are not different than regular hair transplant. Sending photos to doctor for consultation is recommended.

What is the recovery period after sapphire hair transplant?

Following a hair transplant with sapphire blades patient may experience swelling and soreness on operation area. This is a temporary situation. It will get normal in 4-7 days. 

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