covid-19 safety measures at dr. ahmed altan clinic

Covid-19 Safety measures at Dr. Ahmed ALTAN Clinic

First of all patients safety is our top priority especially during COVID-19 times. We understand that the disease is serious. Dr. Ahmed...

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what is the most effective tecnique for a hair transplant?

What is the most effective Tecnique for a hair transplant?

At present we know MicroFUE is the most advanced system for the hair transplant. It is the most effective and satisfactory system for the...

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after hair transplantation

After Hair Transplantation

We will explain you here what to expect after a hair transplant surgery. As you guess a patient can not have full of hairs right after...

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elements that determine the quality of a hair transplant clinic

Elements That Determine The Quality of a Hair Transplant Clinic

You decided to have a hair transplant because you see your hairs are getting thin or they are falling at all. That moment when you need...

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why is it better to go to turkey to have a hair transplant?

Why Is It Better To Go To Turkey to Have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation has been popular among men for the last 10 years. Because women have many options for makeup, aesthetic operations,...

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what is microfue hair transplant operation?

What is MicroFUE hair transplant operation?

Hair Transplant or not hair transplant is a common question for people who has hairloss. Hair transplant is a micro-surgical operation to...

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hair loss causes

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss in men is generally seen as male pattern baldness and exact cause of pattern is still unclear. We can say it is genetics and...

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