Our easy to use graft calculator helps you work out how much we can harvest from your donor area, based on your specific circumstances. Here at Dr. Ahmed ALTAN Clinic, we have developed our hair transplant graft calculator to help those struggling with hair loss identify the areas they want to restore and to better understand the extent of their hair loss.

When using our graft calculator, you simply tell us a little about yourself. The tool is then able to predict the status or stage of your hair loss and what options might be available to you. Your results will inform you if you’re a suitable candidate for a hair transplant or if a different course of treatment is needed. From this, the hair transplant graft calculator can give you an idea of how many grafts you’ll need transplanted.

If you would also like to know how much a hair transplant will cost based on your results, you can cross reference it with our online resources or get in touch with our team. The tool will assess the bald or thin areas that could need restoring and thus how many grafts will need to be harvested and re-implanted in the desired target areas.

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Totally bald :

Region Hair Grafts Hair Count
1 St Region