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Today, easy Micro FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most common and modern hair transplantation technique used and that’s for a reason. The process is minimally invasive with short recovery time and it leaves patients with less scarring after the operation. When compared to the other hair transplantation techniques, such as FUT and DHI, the number of implanted hair grafts are higher. In the course of time, developments in technology improved the speed of the process and made it more comfortable for patients. 

This method, micro FUE, is among newest techniques in hair plantation field. It follows the extraction of hair grafts with a punch that comes with micro motor.

About FUE method

In simple terms, follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant operation that follow the extraction of hair grafts individually from the donor areas, which are generally located at the back of client’s head before opening micro channels in the area where the hair will be transplanted and planting those individual grafts in the micro channels. 

This method is suitable for patients struggling with hair loss or have no hair at all. It takes time for new hair to get attached, yet hair restoration is possible with this method.

When performing follicular unit excision, physicians cannot see beneath the surface of the scalp. Therefore, they rely on their own experiences and the tools they use to extract units from donor area, while paying attention to keep the damage at minimum. When compared to the standard methods, such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the Strip method where a strip of hair is extracted from the patient’s scalp and separated that into individual or groups of grafts for transplantation, the wound is closed and the units are extracted visually under microscopic dissection.

Sedation Process

In simple terms, sedation is the act of keeping a patient calm and relax or making them sleep under sedative drugs. The process is controlled under the supervision of an Anesthesiologist and the level of sedation, types and the amount of drugs to be given to the patient vary depending on their needs.

The purpose of sedation is to make hair transplant procedure less painful for patients. Consequently, the procedure becomes much more comfortable to both patient and the medical team.

So, what is Easy Micro FUE and what are the differences between manually done FUE and Easy Micro FUE?

Both Easy Micro FUE and manually done FUE follow the same process, yet the difference lies in the tools that are used when performing the operation. When performing a manual FUE operation, a physician uses a metal, handheld punch that has a handle on one end and a hollow, sharp, circular punch on the other to cut around the individual FUE hair before extracting them from their position and that relies on the wrist action. The diameter of the punch varies (0.7 to 1.2mm) according to the particular characteristics of the patient’s hair, yet 0.8 to 1.0mm diameters are the ones that are used the most.

Plus in Easy MicroFUE patient is sedated means he is sleeping medically for 10-15 min. So no pain at all.

Some physicians believe that the sensitive feedback and the control they have over a manual punch versus motorized ones make the method idea. Although, when performing a hair transplant operation, the process requires more time as the number of grafts to be extracted from the scalp are a lot and performing the process with a manual tool takes time. 
When performing an easy micro FUE method, on the other hand, the surgeon uses sharp or blunt tipped punch. Although, this time the punch comes with a motor instead of a manual handle and it’s generally operated by a button that is located on the device itself or a foot pedal. When the tool is placed around a follicular unit, it extracts the graft quickly as the tool spins rapidly and it makes the process more time-efficient and less labor intensive. These conditions make the experience more comfortable for both the patient and the medical team.

Even if the idea of motorized tools sounds very innovative and catchy, physicians who are used to work with manual tools find it harder to switch to the motorized devices. They claim that motorized devices decreased their yield. Excessive torsion, tension and heat caused damage on the sensitive sculp. Over the course of time, some changes have been made to the early motorized devices and they have been redesigned. After the innovations, modern motorized tools have been very effective and allow physicians to extracted more grafts in a shorter period of time.

What are the benefits of Easy Micro FUE?

When thinking of the benefits of easy micro FUE, the first thing comes to the mind is that it speeds the process as it makes it easier to work with a larger number of grafts and it helps the transplanted hair to survive under best conditions. As this is a process done with sensitive, motorized tools the probability of the survival of implanted hair is higher. If the area to be transplanted is on a larger scale, going with easy micro FUE will cost less as the required sessions will be less than of manually done FUE.

By nature, hair transplantation as a detailed procedure that requires focus that will last quite some time. Motorized tools that will be used when performing easy micro FUE procedure will be less labor intensive. Therefore, the amount of work and stress that is on the shoulders of the medical team will be reduced and the quality of the operation will improve. All in all, the operation will be more comfortable for both the patient and the medical team.



What is Easy MicroFUE method for hair transplant?

Easy MicroFUE is an operation under sedation. The parts and technique remains the same like Dr. Altan’s MicroFUE but just anesthesia part is not local anesthesia, it is sedation.

Do i need general anesthesia for Hair transplant?

No. As this is not a surgery but a local operation patients don’t need general anesthesia.

Do i feel any pain during operation?

No. Patients do not feel any pain during operation.

What is the difference between Easy MicroFUE and local anesthesia operation?

With local anesthesia we apply scalp local anesthesia. Patient feel pain during application for 5-10 min. Easy MicroFUE we put patient a sleep for 10-15 min. by special medicines (changes person to person). Then apply local anesthesia.

What is the candidacy for Easy MicroFUE?

If the patient has sensitive to even any small pain which is called Algophopia. Algophobia or is a fear of pain - an abnormal and persistent fear of pain that is far more powerful than that of a normal person.

What are the advantages of Easy MicroFUE?

Patient don't feel any pain during operation and in the same time he is aware of surroundings. Doctor can contact with him during procedure and he won’t remember the anesthesia part.

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