What is the meaning of 007, Dr. Ahmed Altan is famous with?
We perform all harvesting parts with 0.7mm punch which is smallest punch in the world and advantage is faster healing time, "0" pain next day after operation, less scarring, more harvesting is possible for second session.
What are the restrictions after hair transplant?
First of all because this is a small operation you can go back to your daily life next day after operation. Can not wear hat for 10 days and can not go to gym, steam room, swimming pool for 30 days.
Are hair transplant operations painful?
No because we apply local anesthesia for the operation you do not feel any kind of pain during operation. You may feel 5 min. pain during anesthesia part but that's because of the medicine we use (lidocaine) and this is the safest medicine so it is not because of the needles and no more than 5 min.
Should I stop smoking before or after hair transplant operation?
Because of interaction with anesthesia you should stop smoking for 24h before operation. And stop smoking at all is recommended after operation because it causes blood vessels to narrow and less blood passes through it. If not we recommend at least for 10 days no smoking.
What is Sapphire Blades?
Sapphire blades are brand new blades for hair transplant. As we understand from the name they made of sapphire. They have a special curves and perfectly shaped for making insicions for hair follicles. They have also anti-bacterial property so totally safe.
What is Sapphire Hair Transplant?
Surgeon use sapphire blades for opening the channels part of Hair Transplant. This is one of the most important part because surgeon gives direction to hairs. Also surgeon gives density to new hairs. It is important not to harm skin while opening channels in order to achieve a natural and successful results.
Do i need to use something special for sapphire HT before operation?
No. If you are a good candidate for operation, instructions before operation will be given to you by your doctor. They are not different than any other hair transplant operation.
What is Easy MicroFUE method for hair transplant ?
Easy MicroFUE is an operation under sedation. The parts and technique remains the same like Dr. Altan’s MicroFUE but just anesthesia part is not local anesthesia, it is sedation.
Do i need general anesthesia for Hair transplant ?
No. As this is not a surgery but a local operation patients don’t need general anesthesia.

Do i feel any pain during operation?
No. Patients do not feel any pain during operation.
What is beard hair transplant?
Beard hair transplant is transplanted hair from scalp to the face. We harvest hair follicles from back side of head (donor area) and transplant them to beard.
Why does your beard look patchy ?
If your beard is patch and lacking thickness you might be a good candidate for beard hair transplant. Generally hormones are the key players here and the may cause patchy beard.It is called testosterone responsible from man look and also from beards.
Does the beard hair transplant painful?
When we performing anesthesia it will be painful for 5 min. Then patient won’t feel any kind of pain.
What is the meaning of DHI?
DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant and it is also called Choi-pen.
Is there any difference between DHI and MicroFUE ?
Normally hair transplant operation has 3 steps :harvesting,opening channels and implanting. But for DHI we harvest hair follicles and then we open channels and implant in the same time with DHI.
Is DHI operation painful?
No. Operation is totally painless because patient will get local anesthesia.
What are the medication options?
FDA has approved two medicines for hairloss. They are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is available as a liquid or foam. Can be applied to head twice daily. Finasteride is available as pills and patient can take it daily. Patient needs prescription to take Finasteride.
Which deficiencies cause hairloss?
Vitamin D, Biotin (vitamin B7),Vitamin A, Iron ,Zinc deficiencies cause hairloss. They should be tested if there is a hairloss. And patients may need to take some supplements.
What about Minoxidil?
Minoxidil is available as a liquid or foam. Can be applied to head twice daily.
What is PRP therapy used for?
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Plasma is the liquid portion of whole blood. It includes water and some important proteins.
How long do PRP injections last?
They last for 1-2 months and then patient need to check. If there is any improvement trying for 3-4 more times is recommended.
Which chemicals include in PRP?
There are no chemicals inside PRP injections. They are just liquid part of patients own blood.
How can I get a free consultation from doctor?
You need to contact us via WhatsApp, FB messenger , e-mail and our team will ask for your photos and then our doctor will check them and we will inform you about your status.
How long does a hair transplant operation takes?
Time depends on patients graft count, skin type,(hard, soft) because sometimes operation will be longer than normal. But generally it takes 8-10 hours and we perform all operations slowly and carefully so it might be longer but better.
What kind of operations you perform?
We perform surgical hair restoration, scalp hair transplant, beard hair transplant.
What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) ?
PRP is an autologous preparation of blood plasma with platelets. It has some growth factors inside and also other factors for better healing process. We collect patients blood and spin it with centrifuge,. Separate the blood serum from red blood cells. Then inject it to the scalp. Generally we combine hair transplant and PRP together. PRP can also be used alone for hair loss therapy.
What is the difference between sapphire and metal blades?
When we compare them with metal blades , first of the shape of sapphire blades are giving less harm on tissue and then thats good choice for metal sensitive patients. Recovery period is also short because tissue heals faster than Classic FUE.
What is the candidacy conditions for sapphire hair transplant ?
Candidacy conditions are not different than regular hair transplant. Sending photos to doctor for consultation is recommended.
What is the recovery period after sapphire hair transplant?
Following a hair transplant with sapphire blades patient may experience swelling and soreness on operation area. This is a temporary situation. It will get normal in 4-7 days.
What is the difference between Easy MicroFUE and local anesthesia operation ?
With local anesthesia we apply scalp local anesthesia. Patient feel pain during application for 5-10 min. Easy MicroFUE we put patient a sleep for 10-15 min. by special medicines (changes person to person). Then apply local anesthesia.
What is the candidacy for Easy MicroFUE?
If the patient has sensitive to even any small pain which is called Algophopia. Algophobia or is a fear of pain - an abnormal and persistent fear of pain that is far more powerful than that of a normal person.
What are the advantages of Easy MicroFUE?
Patient don't feel any pain during operation and in the same time he is aware of surroundings. Doctor can contact with him during procedure and he won’t remember the anesthesia part.
Do the beard transplant last forever?
Yes. Because we harvest hair follicles from donor area which is a non-fallen area ,they last forever.
What to expect after beard surgery?
First of all beard area maybe little bit red first 7-10 days after surgery. Then they start falling for a month and grow back gradually in 4-6 months. They are your own hairs so they will grow like a natural beard. Patient can cut it or shape them.
What are the advantages of Beard hair transplant ?
Studies shown that beards can make men seem stronger. Same time it gives confidence to men.Operation is not painful. It takes 4-5 hours and then they act like your normal own beards.
How is DHI performed?
The device has a place for hairs and nurse load it with a graft and surgeon place it directly to the scalp. Normally hair transplant operation has 3 steps :harvesting,opening channels and implanting. But for DHI we harvest hair follicles and then we open channels and implant in the same time with DHI.
Why is DHI better for woman than man?
Because woman generally do not want their hair to be shaved. And with DHI we do not need to shave hair for implanting area. We can implant in between hairs with the device. But for man MicroFUE is recommended because it gives more density.
Is it a new method or a just a marketing gimmick?
Actually it is not a new method anymore. And because it takes less time than MicroFUE some clinics offer this method to save time. But we do not recommend it for men (unless they don’t want to shave hairs) because of its round edge it gives less density than MicroFUE or Sapphire blades.
What kind of vitamins ,nutrients should I take for hair loss?
Vitamin A is needed for the growth. Vitamin B especially Biotin is needed for healthy hair growth. Body need vitamin C for creating collagen and it is a part of the hair structure. Iron helps red blood cells to carry oxygen so it is another important supplement for hair loss. Zinc is good and play a important role in tissue growth and repair.
What about Finasteride?
Finasteride is available as pills and patient can take it daily. Patient needs prescription to take Finasteride. If patient decide to take this medicine , he/she needs to take it life-long. Because excessive hair loss seen when somebody start and then stop using it. Also patient should speak about side-effects with doctor before prescribing.
What are the alternative remedies for hair loss?
Patients have hairless can use some oils like peppermint oil,argan oil, coconut oil. Also saw palmetto can be used as a part of treatment plan. Nuts,eggs,oats include biotin naturally.
Is there any side effects of PRP?
No. Because we procure it from patients own blood, PRP has no known side effects.
Are PRP injections painful?
No. We apply them with finest needles. Patients do not feel any kind of pain.
What are the advantages of PRP injections?
PRP on applied area is like a artificial circulation. It stimulate collagen production which is a important part of hair. It speed up the healing process after hair transplant. It is not an expensive traetment. It is a natural type of treatment without and side effects.