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Six months later I am really pleased with the results plus the ongoing support from the clinic. If you're looking for a professional very competitive, competent hair transplant in Turkey I would highly recommend this clinic. I understand that a hair transplant in a foreign country can be very daunting. However, I did a lot of research and after some phone calls, I found Dr. Altan

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Magnifico trato. Gran profesionalidad y excelentes resultados. La clínica reúne todas las condiciones para una intervención segura y sin riesgos. Están constantemente pendientes de ti. Doctor muy amable y entiende bastante bien el español, además del intérprete. Chófer muy atento. Te recoge en el aeropuerto y ya te acompaña constantemente en tus desplazamientos al hotel , la clínica y demás. Recomendable 100%

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Klinika na najwyższym możliwym poziomie. Zarówno transport z lotniska, kliniki jak i posiłki oraz noclegi w hotelu zapewnione zgodnie z ofertą. W przypadku wyjazdu z przedstawicielem medycznym można liczyć na pełną pomoc z jego strony, zarówno w załatwieniu formalności na miejscu jak i spraw związanych z tłumaczeniem w samej klinice. Zabieg przeprowadzany w renomowanej klinice przez doświadczonych specjalistów pod okiem dr Altana, który przed zabiegiem i w jego trakcie wszystko tłumaczy i wyjaśnia jakiekolwiek wątpliwości.

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-It has only been 2 weeks since my procedure but already I am more than thrilled I have a hairline I thought I lost forever and I have received numerous compliments in such a short time Dr Altan, his staff and driver were very helpful and kind during my visit. I have already given their name a some people and I hope they will decide as I did to just go ahead and do it.....They will not be disappointed. I look forward to giving the Dr and his staff monthly updates.

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There you go, after weeks of research for a better place to do my Hair transplant, I finally came across Dr Altan. Everything went so well the driver Mustafa who was hilarious, picked me up from the Airport and took me to the hospital in the morning to do my HT, to be honest it was my first ever trip to Turkey however, these guys Including Dr Altan made me feel at home I didn't want to go back to the UK due to their great hospitality and friendship. Anyway, the treatment was amazing, just tiny pain during injection but the rest hair transplant done by experienced team members who exactly knew what they were doing. Dr Altan would visit every 20 minutes to see if everything is okay. It was a brilliant experience and my hair is already growing thicker and stronger. It has been 4 days since the surgery, great job guys. Dr Altan is the best I will definitely recommend them to anyone. Don't go for big names go for the one who would listen to you and give u exactly what u want!