In Sofia (Bulgaria), our specialist started his medical studies and spent a few semesters in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), where he continued his studies excellently and was also able to acquire some German language skills. Back in Sofia, dr. Altan with bravur finished his medical studies.

Dr. Altan graduated from the specialist in plastic surgery and has been steadily training since then. He has become a leading expert in hair transplantation and has gained an exceptional reputation in Turkey.

Overall, he speaks four languages: English, Bulgarian, Spanish and how could it be otherwise, of course, Turkish.

Dr. Ahmed Altan is a Turkish doctor and was born in Eskisehir, Turkey. Our hair transplant expert currently lives in Istanbul (Turkey) near the clinic where he is also practicing.

To date, about 7,000 patients have Dr. Altan with the leading hair transplantation method. These patients were able to gain a new sense of life through him and now feel completely again.

The medical career in a nutsh

2000 TO 2006 Medical Faculty, Volunteer Doctor at Alexandrovska Hospital- Sofia / Bulgaria
2006 TO 2007 Goethe University Surgical Training- Frankfurt / Germany
2007 TO 2009 Pirogov Hospital Emergency Department- Sofia / Bulgaria
2009 TO 2010 Chief Assistant- National Heart Hospital of Bulgaria
2010 TO 2012 FUE Training Program
2012 TO TODAY Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon- Istanbul / Turkey
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Отзывы клиентов
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